“Fun. Laughter. Creativity. Christ.”

On days when I’m not hanging out with my spiritual family or working on videos at Heart of God Church, I spend my time trying to sing, coming up with the worst jokes ever and studying the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Oh yes, and I write.


“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

The Fool’s Bench was the title of a sermon that was preached by my pastor in a church camp in 2015. At that point of time, this was the message I needed because I have become weary of reaching out to others and loving them. I have given up because it seemed no matter how I tried, it didn’t make a difference.

But that night, Pastor Lia talked about changing the world with the love of God. She said that in order for us to make a difference, we must first be different. It might look like a foolish thing to place others before ourselves, but if it means even one person being touched and having their lives radically changed by Jesus, all we are doing is worth it.

After hearing her words, I was so convicted to rise above my discouragements and continue being a “fool” – for Christ. Because what we are doing week in and week out can possibly make a difference in a person’s life that money cannot buy, and death cannot take away.

This sermon did something important for me and was so deeply etched in my mind that when I wanted to start a blog, all I could name it after was The Fool’s Bench. And that is why I named it that way. That is why I write. Even if it makes a difference to only one reader, it’s worth the effort.

My name is Zhen Wei and I welcome you to Fool’s Bench. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here and thank you for reading. :)