5 Burning Questions about One Punch Man

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the entire season of One Punch Man (anime).

Just last week, I finally found time to finish watching the remaining episodes of the first season of One Punch Man. And personally for me, I really enjoyed it. It is rare that you can find stories that are both epic and ridiculously funny at the same time, and One Punch Man has seriously been the perfect combination of both. Even though I wished the season lasted a little longer, I was happy with how it ended. But right after, I also had a few questions that I am looking forward to finding the answers for, hopefully in the next season.

1) Does Saitama have a family?


We all know very vaguely about Saitama’s origins. Of course, I don’t mean his origins as a hero. Because like he always says, he started out doing it as a hobby for fun. What I meant was his origins as a person. At the start of the series, we’ve always seen Saitama living alone in his apartment until Genos moved in to be his disciple. He didn’t seem to have any friends or family. We don’t know how he ended up living there, who his parents are, and if he had any relatives. It will be nice to get some answers for that.

2) What is the REAL source of Saitama’s powers?


Up till today, I still do not believe that 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10KM run every single day is enough to give one man powers of that scale. I mean seriously, to be able to defeat a cosmic being like Lord Boros with little effort and then emerging unscathed… there’s got to be something else that gave Saitama his powers that he isn’t telling anyone about. Hopefully, we will get our answers in the second season.

3) Is Metal Knight who we think he is?

If you remember, at the beginning of the season, we met Genos and heard about his dramatic backstory for the very first time. Before Genos became a cyborg, he was actually living a pretty peaceful life with his family until one day, a deranged cyborg destroyed his entire town, killing his family at the same time. After his rebirth as a cyborg himself, Genos swore to hunt down that evil robot who destroyed his life. Fast forward to the last episode of One Punch Man, we have all the S Class heroes, Saitama and a few others resisting Lord Boros’ invasion. Well, that is, other than Blast and Metal Knight who never showed up during the course of the battle. As the victorious battle against the alien invaders were coming to an end, one of the S class heroes named Drive Knight warns Genos about Metal Knight, claiming that he is his “enemy”.


Seeing that Metal Knight is also a cyborg, and doesn’t show up until the final battle ends, there is reason to doubt his character as a hero. In fact, this isn’t even the first time he shows up and ends up not helping at all. This time, he only appears after the major battle to pick up its remains and build more powerful weapons “for the sake of peace”. Maybe there is some sort of conspiracy going on and Metal Knight turns out to be the cyborg who Genos has always been looking for. Who knows?

4) Does Saitama have a weakness?


So far, we know that Saitama is virtually indestructible. I mean just watch the show, you’ll know what I mean. He survives anything and everything. Like I said, the most he got out of fighting Lord Boros was dirt on his face. But I don’t know if you actually noticed this: during the course of his fight with Boros, Saitama ended up on the moon. And as he was up there, he couldn’t breath. For a moment there, it looked like he was struggling for air, just like any normal human being would. Could this be the only weakness the One Punch Man has –  the need for oxygen? If it is, then we could potentially see enemies taking advantage of this knowledge against our hero!

5) Who is Blast and where was he?


As you all would know, all the heroes in One Punch Man have classes and ranks. Ever wondered who is number 1 among them all? Well, unfortunately we didn’t get to see him yet. We just know his name is Blast and he was absent at the heroes meeting before the final battle and during the fight. What are his powers? How does he look like? Where was he this whole time? Maybe we will find out in season 2.

BONUS: When is the second season going to be confirmed?

LOL. This is probably the most important question. Even though I have mentioned “season 2” multiple times throughout this short post, the fact is it is still in the process of becoming a reality. I guess we can just live first on the original video animations that are going to be released over the next few months. Then hopefully, we will get a confirmation soon and can follow Saitama on his epic adventures again.

p.s. No, I do not follow the manga. Sorry about that. 😆


Star Wars Twitter Parodies

Warning: Potential spoilers for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens lie ahead.

Hi again everyone! I came across these Twitter accounts just a few days back and thought they were too hilarious not to share with all of you. Basically, these are parody accounts created for a few well-known characters from Star Wars, that sort of depict in a comedic way what they might tweet about if they ever had access to social media. If you have yet to watch any of the Star Wars films, and especially the latest Episode VII, turn back now because one – you will be spoiled, and two – you won’t get the jokes. So without further ado, let me first introduce to you the Very Lonely Luke.

Oh poor Luke. Please visit his Twitter page and send him your love.

That header photo could NOT be more appropriate.


Next up, meet Emo Kylo Ren.


Haha, last but not least – Bad Father Han Solo!


😆 Alright, that’s all for today! Hope you had a great laugh scrolling through these compilation of the funniest tweets I’ve seen this week. See you in the next post!

Monthly Recap: November 2015

Hi everyone! Happy December! It’s the start of the last month of the year, so what better time than now to have another monthly recap right? Hahaha. So without further ado, here are all the content released on Fool’s Bench in the month of November.

1) For Fun



2) For Laughter


3) For Creativity


4) For Christ




That’s all for the month of November! Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you again soon in this exciting month.

One Punch Man – Heroism Has a New Face

In a world where popular superheroes and their familiar backstories are constantly being built upon and adapted, you would think that there will not be anymore “new heroes” that will be introduced and become as well-loved as Iron Man and Captain America. (YES, I am still WAITING for the CIVIL WAR TRAILER)

But NOPE! You and I were both wrong because right now, there’s a new superhero who is going viral on the Internet. And he is none other than One-Punch Man.


So as the name suggests, his main ability is to be able to defeat any enemy in just ONE single punch. Other than that, is there anything else special about this hero? Exactly. Absolutely nothing.

Haha! But it’s also because of this boring and average backstory for the character that he is ironically made famous. It’s this ridiculous plot that serves as an awesome platform for comedy. You see, One-Punch Man is not your usual superhero with a serious “mission” of some sorts. He doesn’t have a purpose to serve, except to find that one enemy he can last in a fight with for more than one punch’s worth. Because of all his easy victories, he becomes bored with life, as can be seen in his usual expression:


Seriously, just the appearance of him alone makes me want to laugh. I can’t believe that such a hilarious story actually started out as a simple webcomic by ONE author (that’s literally his pseudonym too), which became so successful over the Internet that it got adapted into a manga and now, an anime. So if you’re looking for laughs, why not check it out? You’ll understand why it’s one of the most popular mangas/animes right now. But brace yourselves, for heroism has a new face (literally).


Image sources: Google, DeviantArt, KissManga

A Breath of Fresh Fun – Rocket League

“Vroom vroom!” was how I ended last week’s recap. But this week, THAT’S how I’m going to begin! To all the gamers out there, this is for you!

Alright, some of you may have heard about a video game called Rocket League, which came out recently in July. Yup, I know I’m a little late on this, but I’m also sure that there is the rest of you out there who has never heard of this game before! Still, better late than never right? Being one of the freshest video game ideas I’ve seen in recent months and even years, I just got to share it with you. So, let’s get into it!

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a multiplayer video game with a very interesting & creative concept. I think the best way to describe it is to say that it is every man’s fantasy (generalizing here!). Imagine the “what if”of taking soccer and cars – 2 of man’s most beloved things and mashing them up together. Put that mixture into the Psyonix “Oven of Creative Developers” and BOOM! Out comes Rocket League. Why is it a “boom” but not a “ding”, which would normally be the sound of an oven you ask? Because I had a blast playing this game. *DING!*

rocketleagueHow to play Rocket League?

The rules of Rocket League are pretty simple. It’s exactly like soccer. Just that instead of being Lionel Messi (that’s another game), you’re now controlling the coolest car you would ever own. Actually come to think about it, I don’t think there are any rules in Rocket League. The only rule is “Have fun.” Hahaha but of course, the game still plays a lot like soccer. In a match, players from around the world are pitted against each other as 2 opposing teams. The round begins with the gigantic soccer ball in the middle of the field, and ends with the players from one side pushing it into their opponent’s goal. Then, the next round begins and the cycle happens until the whole match ends. Just watch this video from the REACT channel and you’ll get it:

Why Rocket League?

Why consider playing play Rocket League (and potentially over another game)? Cause it’s simple, easy to get into! Unlike real soccer or driving, this game takes you like what, 30 minutes to get a hang of? And you’ll be pretty decent in skill and on your way to victory. But more than just being easy to get into, this game is also most importantly, easy to get out of. Well, at least for me. If you watched the video above, you would notice that every match is only 5 minutes long – maximum. Sometimes, if you enter a match that is already in play, it’s even lesser! So if you’re just looking for a short break, this is the game for you. I’ll talk more about that in the next point, but the obvious reason to try out Rocket League is that it’s a heck load of fun. No matter whether you play it with your friends or with strangers, you’ll experience the adrenaline of a Formula One race and the hype of a World Cup match. That is why, when the game was available for free during the month of October for PS+ Members in Asia, I immediately grabbed it off the Playstation store without hesitation. Oh, and the game has cool customizations for your cars too.


When to play Rocket League?

You know those moments when you have too little time to do something productive, but too much time to waste on doing nothing? Yup, those are the times that Rocket League will help you to kill time in the most entertaining way possible. I find this so true while waiting, especially while waiting for a phone call, a message or a short video to render. You know it’s coming soon, but you aren’t sure it will be that soon. Maybe it will take another 5 minutes? Exactly. This isn’t a game like DotA for example, in which 1 game can take you up to at least 30 minutes or more to complete. This isn’t a game that you need to commit to for the next hour, making you unavailable to your world in that time span. If you have self-control (LOL), you can even get into Rocket League for awhile in the midst of studying for an exam, while waiting for a fast food delivery to your home, or simply when you want to have some fun that will not take too much time or energy out of you.


Where to play Rocket League?

Currently, the game is available on PC and PS4, featuring cross-platform gameplay between both mediums. Though I must mention, there is no known ways yet for players from different platforms to communicate with one another and manually form parties to play together. I guess it just happens by chance during matchmaking. But I’m sure some sort of feature will be released soon! So as you can probably already tell, this game is mostly played at home because the PC and PS4 machines are well, usually at home. But there is an alternative for PS4 players that I know of. Sony has this feature called Remote Play on the PS4, PS Vita and some of their smartphones. Simply put, it allows you to stream your Playstation 4, wherever it is sitting at home, to your handheld device, allowing for the playing of certain games (like Rocket League) while you are in a remote location away from the console. Of course, for this to happen, it requires the PS4 to be constantly on and the handheld device to be connected to the Internet. Just check out this cool video below by CorridorDigital, which features a little bit of Remote Play:

Who to play Rocket League with?

Soccer fans and car enthusiasts, but better still, family and friends that you are close to, especially if you are all geeks for such things. That’s right, Rocket League features split-screen gameplay, otherwise known as “couch co-op” in recent terms. This is an awesome way to get together with your fellow geeks either online or face to face; so pick up the controller, mouse, keyboard, headphone, skills and whatever, enter the stadium, and have a ball of a time! But maybe… you should play “just 5 minutes more?”

p.s. Not convinced that this game is for geeks yet? Just check out this latest car pack in Rocket League. Well, it’s not bad being a geek, we know how to appreciate stuff like that more. LOL.

1st Month Recap

Hi everyone! Time sure passes real quickly! It’s been a month since Fool’s Bench was launched on September 22nd and I just thought it would be really cool to list down all the posts that I’ve written over the 1st month of its existence. Actually, I may even do such recaps regularly so that all you readers can be sure to never miss out on any content. So without further ado, here are all the content published over the past month!

1) For first-time visitors

  • The Homepage:


  • About Me:

About Me

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2) For Fun



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4) For Creativity




5) For Christ





Well, that’s all for the month of September 22nd to October 22nd! Once again, thank you for reading, liking and sharing. Looking forward to what’s installed in the many more weeks, months and years ahead! See you soon.

p.s. Here’s a hint for an upcoming post – “Vroom vroom!”

Why I Enjoyed: The Martian

Note: Don’t worry reader, this post is spoiler-free.

So it’s been a week since The Martian was released in theaters. And being one of the films in my Fall list, I got together with my best bunch of friends who were equally excited for it and watched the movie together with them on Monday! Let me just say that it did not disappoint. It was the science fiction film we’ve always imagined it to be and here’s why:

1. Space


Space, space and MORE space. If you’re like me and you just love the sight of stars in the distance, seeing Earth from outer space, and looking into the horizons of foreign planets, then you would already have 1 reason to love this film. I mean this film is just so visually stunning, it’s breathtaking (pun alert!).

2. Humor


If you know me, you would know that I fancy some laughter in life, and this automatically applies for the movies that I watch too. If you watched the trailer for The Martian, you would know that there are some humor in it. Well, I’m here to say that yup, the humor’s really good & well-placed. Matt Damon is just able to pull off those jokes really well.

3. Great Cast


And now that we’re on Matt Damon, how can we not talk about the great cast that this film possesses? Throughout the film, I just felt that every single actor & actress fits their role so well. The choice of casting Matt Damon as Mark Watney can be compared to casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. And with the likes of Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Sebastian Stan, Kate Mara and even Sean Bean, we have this diverse cast of people that just adds to the film in their individual ways.

4. Realism


Okay, I’m not a scientist or an astronaut, but I got Google. And here’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed this film so much – it’s as realistic as it can get. Of course, it’s not a 100% accurate or realistic in terms of science (or botany) or whatever, but it’s realistic enough to be believable. And that is one huge factor that I look for in films like this because it helps you to be immersed into the experience that the movie is bringing you through. For The Martian, this realism really made the film more exciting and intense at some points.

5. Themes


Last but not least, what’s a great movie without a great plot and theme? The Martian portrays the good in humanity and the determination that we can all have, be it to survive or to help others. And it’s just awesome to watch as the entire world (in the film of course) is just looking towards that ONE man’s return to Earth. Not to mention all the main characters doing all that they can to bring Mark Watney home. And of course, the entire film centers itself on Watney’s refusal to give up on himself.

So that’s why I enjoyed The Martian! With all of the above, you get a movie experience that is so out of this world, you Mars catch it! (PUN!!)

Image credits: http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/the-martian