Why I Enjoyed: Zootopia

Note: This article is spoiler-free.

Hi Moviegoers! I’ve been going to the cinemas recently and have watched some of the films that I’ve intended to watch since I knew about them. And so far, they’re pretty good! But there’s one interesting thing I realized about the films that I’ve enjoyed the most in the past month – they’re all produced by Disney. That’s right, I’m talking about 2 films in particular – The Finest Hours and Zootopia. Today however, I’ll be talking specifically about Zootopia, which has just been released in USA a week ago. Here’s why I enjoyed it.

1) It’s Beautiful

If you’re like me, and enjoy looking at amazing 3D animation, then this one’s for you. I’m not even kidding, every frame in the movie looks beautifully crafted and incredibly detailed. One can only imagine the amount of hard work that all the artists and animators had to put in before all the visuals in the film could become a reality.

2) It’s Cute

This is one thing I can’t deny. All the animals, from the bunnies to the… well especially the bunnies, are extremely cute. Oops, I forgot that only bunnies can call one another “cute”, but still! They are very adorable. Just watch the trailer; can you resist all the furriness?

3) It’s Funny

Besides just being visually stunning and cute, this movie is also hilarious. And I’m not talking about the lame kind of jokes that I like to churn out all the time. These is humor that is so fresh & unique to the world of Zootopia. Yes I am talking about the sloths. Catch the movie and you’ll love them too! Haha.

4) It’s Smart

Next, I must also say that this movie is very smart. With all its Easter Eggs to previous Walt Disney animated films like Frozen, references to our real world, subtle messages and timely themes about stereotypes and prejudice, as well as a thought-provoking plot, it just goes to show that animated films ain’t just for kids anymore.

5) It’s Inspiring

Last but not least, Zootopia is in its own way, inspiring. It talks about about making a stand, about acceptance, about redemption. It talks about true friendships, about never giving up and about dreaming big. So if you’re wondering what movie to catch right now, here’s one for you – other than Kung Fu Panda 3 of course!

Fire in a Forest

There exists a vast forest named Heart.
It is home to beautiful trees, rivers and wildlife.
But deep within these woods also lived horrible beasts.
Hiding among the shadows, they work to hunt down their prey.
Especially so in the dark of Night.

I live in this forest.
Encountering these beasts many times I have,
But somehow their attacks I survived.
Bruised and frightened I may have been, but still I am barely alive.

It was my forest, yet I could do nothing to protect it
From the darkness that haunts it.
The darkness that never belonged here.
No matter how hard I fought, I lost more than I won.

Sometimes I would look at the goodness of the forest
And wonder if it was created or kept by a Higher Being.
If He exists and had the power to make it this way,
He would have the power to rid me of my predators.
I was weak, but was I alone?

One day I came to the center of the forest.
There I found a desolate campsite.
There I met the Keeper of the forest.

At the camp, He lit a Fire.
A campfire it was that would keep the beasts away.
A fire of Light, Warmth and Safety.
I was finally free from the grasp of evil.
But not for very long I fear.

Before He departed, the Keeper left me with these words,
“The fire can only burn for so long before it dies out.
Call out for me anytime.
I will surely answer and come back with Firewood
That will last you for the coming days.”

These Words I kept and Him I sought daily.
In the darkest of Night and in the brightest of Day.
Sometimes I think that I do not need Him or His fire in the Day.
But I brushed those thoughts aside in gratitude to Him.

As I kept His Word, He kept His promise.
No matter how dark it gets in the Heart,
The Wolves of Lust, Bears of Ferocity
And Serpents of Lies have no power over me.

How have I survived thus far?
Because never once did I ever walk alone.
As long as I have the Keeper,
I will have a fire no darkness can extinguish.