Light. It brings with it warmth, comfort, vision and direction. What would we do without it? With no light, there is no sight. But there’s more. In this world full of darkness, light isn’t just an illumination, it’s an embodiment of truth, hope & life. It’s what we use to see, to navigate, and to fight in and against this darkness.

Think about it. Light is everywhere. It’s found in the screen you’re looking at, in the lamps along the street, in the Sun that brings us day. Yet without darkness, light will not be obvious or necessary. Of course, I wish that the life and the world that we live in would just be perfect. But you and I know that’s not possible.

So what can we do? I say we can either curse the darkness, or light a candle. Today on Good Friday, I don’t just choose to recognize the darkness in our world; I choose to remember. I choose to remember on this day what it’s all about. Easter is not about the bunnies or the eggs. Easter is about the Light of the world – Jesus Christ.

The Light came to our imperfect world two thousand years ago to die for our sins. He took upon Himself the sentence we all deserved on this Friday many many years ago. But He didn’t stay dead. On the third day, He rose again defeating even death itself.

Jesus Christ did all that because He wants to bring His light into our darkness, into our lives. And it’s only when we first let Him light up our lives, that we can then be a light to others. It doesn’t matter what kind of light we are, we were not meant to stay in darkness.

We were created to shine brightly like a city on a hill! And the beautiful thing is that all of us are different kinds of light making a difference to the world in our own unique ways. One light is all it takes. But before that, just as how light needs a source of energy, we need a source of energy no matter who we are.

You could be an LED, a flashlight or a wall lamp; nothing changes the fact that Jesus is the source of the light in us. So today, come to God. Recognize the darkness in this world but also remember the Light of the world. He wants to bring His light to us so that we can bring His light to others. This Easter, let’s light up our world together.


My Favorite Comedians

Just for Laughs: My favorite personas from the world of TV and the Internet come in the form of talented human beings that never fail to bring comedy to a whole new level. Here are some of them and their most popular features that I have enjoyed – over and over again.

1. Jimmy Fallon

Who doesn’t know the multi-talented Jimmy Fallon? Being one of the most successful talk show hosts right now, you can always count on him and his show to have creative segments that bring laughter like no other. Some popular ones include Lip Sync Battle, Egg Russian Roulette and of course Arm Wrestle as shown above. It’s always funny to see celebrities fooling around on the show, but it’s also because Jimmy has done a great job bringing out those comedic sides of them.

youtube  The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

2. Conan O’Brien

Conan is the funniest talk show host with an awesome sense of humor. His spontaneous jokes and hilarious comments are the best! Just watch the Clueless Gamer clip above and you’ll get what I’m talking about. And you should probably check out his “Remotes” with some celebrities and his staff on his channel. Non-stop laughter follows.

youtube  Team Coco

3. Key & Peele

Of course, talk show hosts aren’t the only ones with a great sense of humor. There is also that group of people born to do comedy. Key & Peele belong to that group. They are so talented in this area! They can speak in any kind of accent, act as any kind of role and make you laugh in any way possible. Which is really sad that their show on Comedy Central is coming to an end. Just watch their most viral video above and you’ll wish it isn’t.

youtube Comedy Central

4. Batdad

Let’s get off YouTube for a bit, shall we? Comedians do not necessarily need to be talk show hosts or born for comedy. They can come in the form of a father who likes making silly videos with his family. And that is exactly who Batdad is. Whilst imitating Batman, this man “bonds” with his family in hilarious ways. Haha just take a look at the video above, which depicts typical situations his wife would face daily.

vine  Batdad   facebook  Batdad

5. Eh Bee

Talking about families, there is one family that is extremely cool and hilarious – the Eh Bee family. Literally every single one of them, including the dad, the mom, the son and the daughter have a flair for comedy. None of them outshines the others, and as a family, they bring joy to not just themselves, but to many. What a fun environment to grow up in!

vine  Eh Bee   facebook  Eh Bee

6. GXT Productions

The last comedians I’m going to be talking about today are closer to home. In fact, it’s GXT! “Gao Xiao Tuan”, which means the group that brings laughter, is an in-house comedy production run by young people in my church! They never fail to bring laughter in creative ways every single time, be it on Easter, Christmas or our annual Academic Excellence weekend! Check out their latest video above, which was first shown a couple of months back during AE.

youtube  GXTproductions

I hope you had a good laugh over the course of reading this post, and I’ll see you in the next one!