Destiny: An Origin Story

Hi everyone! Imagination time!

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since Destiny: The Taken King came out, and I’ve been totally enjoying it over my first few hours as a new Guardian. But more than just the gameplay which is obviously fun, what continues to interest me are the “Grimoires” you gain throughout your time in Destiny.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Destiny, Grimoires are these little cards you collect over time in the game as you defeat enemies, complete missions and interact with the world. They contain little facts, accounts, and stories which form the background of Destiny and its lore.

So far, I’ve gotten quite a few of them – not much, but enough to give me some basic information about the setting of the game. And together with some “story cutscenes” that I’ve watched over my few hours in-game, I decided to have some fun with whatever knowledge I have as of now.

I present to you a prologue to my own imagination of the Destiny story. Because the story of Destiny isn’t really clear-cut (from what I know), it gives us the freedom to tell our own stories. Whether you’re a Destiny player or not, I hope you have fun reading this as much as I did writing it. So without further ado, here’s the introduction to my story (which may or may not take form eventually) that is set within the Destiny universe:


We were at the height of biological research and technological advancements. Centuries ago, the intelligence of mankind has brought us further than we could ever imagine. But of course, we were not perfect, and so was the same for our world. Poverty, violence, disease. They all existed. It was also the truth that our advancements came with a price. The resources of our home – Earth were gradually being used up and the “health” of our planet, as many would call it, was declining.

With the fear within them that the Earth would eventually come to a lifeless end, mankind looked towards the stars, in search of a possible alternative for Home. Countless space explorations were initiated and humans were sent to neighboring planets in our Solar System, all with the hope of finding life beyond Earth. One exploration in particular, changed us forever.

Tom Irons, Robert Cross and Leon Woodley were dispatched to Mars after images from robotic orbiters revealed a strange body of mass emerging from the northern region of the planet. Their mission was to investigate the strange phenomenon, and at the same time search the surface of the planet for possibilities of inhabiting it.

“Maybe aliens do exist,” Tom joked as the space capsule approached the planet at incredible speed. “Oh I’ve seen them,” Robert replied with a slight giggle. “They have Irons as their last name.” Laughter was heard throughout their communication systems. “Alright guys, we’re here!” Leon announced as they breached the atmosphere. And before they knew it, the crew made a soft and successful landing.

With a heart full of expectancy but with a slight hint of fear, they stepped out of the capsule and onto the dusty butterscotch ground. Mountains and formations of rock sat in the distance while particles of dirt danced through the air. Something about this foreign world drew them to it. Then it began. The crew trekked in one direction up north, towards the location the large mass was last spotted at. Time passed. It could have been forty-five minutes or an hour.

But it was there and then when they came to the foot of what seemed to be a volcano. And just by glancing at one another with a smile, the three started to make a climb up the slopes with one accord, as if each of them could read the minds of the ones by their side. Well, they were best buddies after all.

“Maybe we can spot the thing from up there,” Robert pointed towards the summit. Tom could see the slight fatigue on his face behind the visor. He turned to Leon as he started to speak his usual words of encouragement, “Yup! Almost there!” The slopes gradually became gentler and easier to traverse. Eventually, it became a flat plain; they have reached the top. And at the top, was when mankind saw it for the very first time.


Looming overhead was the huge body of mass. It was round in form and the color of snow. And it brought with its arrival something unexpected on Mars – rain. “It’s raining on Mars?” Tom looked up at the sky in disbelief and excitement as the first drops of water landed on his helmet. “It is!”

It was a historical day and time for mankind as they watched the sphere move across the entire Solar System. For with it brought miracles and life never seen before. With it brought transformations to our world and what we knew about it. With it brought strength, cure and Light. With it brought The Golden Age.

And of course, we named this embodiment of hope that swept across our stars.

We called it The Traveler.

Most Anticipated Video Games in Q4 2015

Just for Fun: I’ve been a casual gamer since I was a kid and although I do not game as much now, they continue to be a source of entertainment for me from time to time!

So with the launch of Destiny: The Taken King just a week ago, I thought it would be really cool & fun to talk about it, as well as some titles that have been released over the past month. But mainly, I’ll be mentioning some upcoming titles that will be released in the last quarter of 2015 that just looks amazing.

Now before I begin, I must mention that I currently game mainly on the PS4 and only occasionally on the PC. So please do not be upset if you don’t see any of your Xbox One exclusives on here! It’s not because I find them bad, but it’s Just Cause (hehe) I literally have no access to them! Also, I would probably only play a selected few of the games mentioned below, leaving most of them foreign to me (I have other priorities in life, LOL). So the list is based on what I currently know, and have good opinions about.

Please do not think I’m trying to replace sites like IGN or Kotaku! This is just me having fun with my own thoughts. So with that, here goes nothing!

(September releases)

1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

A Hideo Kojima game.

I’ve only been exposed to the Metal Gear series recently through Ground Zeroes and I can’t say I’ve played enough to know it all. But playing Ground Zeroes for that few hours has gotten me hyped up enough to do some reading about the series. And together with watching videos & trailers like the one above, I have to agree this is one massive game and series that continues to deserve and live up to the expectations of its fans. Epic story, open world, brilliant action and tactical freedom, what else can I say? Imagine being the Big Boss once again, crumbling a base slowly while being disguised as a cardboard box the entire time. Wouldn’t you like that?

2. Mad Max

As if the locations in The Phantom Pain wasn’t enough to satisfy your desert battlefield fantasies, Mad Max gives you an entire desert wasteland to play with. Fully open to explore, the world of Mad Max is home to extreme weather conditions, deadly car chases and brutal action & adventure. This is the game that was released on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V, and though I have not watched any of the movies or played this game, I’m sure there are people out there going mad (see what I did there?) thinking as to which game to spend their money on. I mean you can build your “dream car” and “show it off” to people in the desert! If this is the kind of world you like to “live in”, why not?

3. Destiny: The Taken King

One of my sources of entertainment right now.

Personally, I’ve only played the demo for Destiny half a year ago. Well that is, until last week! I’ve been waiting for the best opportunity to get the full experience of Destiny and now, with the release of The Legendary Edition, that opportunity has come. So I’ve played a bit of it here and there over the past week with a buddy of mine and I totally enjoyed it. I think what really is praiseworthy about the game is its multiplayer experience. Compared to many multiplayer games I’ve seen & played, Destiny’s multiplayer is really stable, easy to get into and more fun than playing alone (which obviously is super important). Oh and have I mentioned that I have a thing or two for science-fiction? So what continues to appeal to me is its world & setting. In Destiny, I can literally be a Guardian of the Galaxy!

(Upcoming releases)

4. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Xbox has its Master Chief. Playstation has its Nathan Drake.

I’m sure many would agree that Drake is one of the most beloved characters created by the highly favored developers from Naughty Dog. He is almost like a Playstation icon, and with his return in full high-definition glory on October 9th, I’m sure many are excited to experience and find out about his adventures for the very first time. Yup, I belong to the group of people that has never touched a single Uncharted game before. But I’m sure this collection would definitely blow us away and prepare us for the next installment in the series – A Thief’s End.

5. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Why is this game on my list? Because I see it as the make-it or break-it installment for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Let’s be honest here. A lot of people would feel that the franchise’s previous installment did not meet up to the expectations that it gave people, even though I’m sure that there are good points about it. So because of that, all eyes are watching this one. Some are convinced that it will be a flop too, but I choose to have a little hope and am waiting to see how it actually turns out! Cause honestly, it has a decent setting! Victorian London is seriously beautiful so far, and has managed to catch people’s attention. But will the game play as good as it looks? We will only know for sure when it comes out on October 23rd (for consoles).

6. Fallout 4

Bethesda. The kings of open world role-playing games are back with one of their highly acclaimed franchises – Fallout.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world after the events of a nuclear war, the creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim brings you on a journey through dystopian, mysterious, and yet beautiful re-imaginations of New England regions such as Boston. When it comes out on November 10th, fans of open world RPGs as well as post-apocalyptic genres would definitely be drawn to the sheer amount of adventure and environmental storytelling present in the game. And by the way, have you seen how your character’s face can be created by sculpting? Man, I almost fell out of my chair when I first saw it. *ding!*

7. Star Wars: Battlefront

Everybody knows that movie that’s going to be released during Christmas season this year. Everybody’s hyped up for it. But there’s also a game that everyone is hyped up for, which will give them more hype for that hyped up movie. HAHA cut the chase, this year’s Q4 has “Star Wars” labelled all over it. One of the perfect examples of video games based off movies, Star Wars: Battlefront has fans of the franchise going bonkers, and even more so since Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is also just around the corner. Though it can’t be compared to how long it has been since the last movie came out, it has also been some time since the last release of a Star Wars game. With beloved characters making appearances, large-scale battles reminiscent of those in the movies, and epic dogfights in the sky, many fans may end up in a galaxy far, far away when November 17 arrives.

8. Just Cause 3

Did you enjoy The Expendables? Do you love Michael Bay films? Would you like to set the world on fire and chaos in ridiculously creative ways? Then this is the game for you!

Having played Just Cause 2 before in the past, I have to say this is one series that presents action in the craziest way possible. And because of that, this is the kind of game that makes a great stress-reliever. Just watch the video! You can do whatever you want, you see explosions more than your enemies, and you feel invincible. Maybe you would get this game when it comes out on December 1st. Just Cause…

9. Hitman

On December 8th, Agent 47 will return in this really interesting prequel/reboot (no one is exactly sure yet) to the Hitman video game series. It looks totally amazing and the developers of the game are awesome. They removed the idea of additional paid content & DLCs, as well as micro-transactions from the game, explaining their belief of it as a wrong approach. With that, players would just need to pay once and for all for the game when they purchase it, and continue to receive free updates including new missions and locations regularly. The passion & dedication of the developers can be clearly seen not just in their promise to deliver, but also in the gameplay footages released so far. Players can explore huge levels that are like sandboxes and neutralize their targets in so many possible ways, be it quietly or dramatically. Gosh, now I need to check out the movie that was shot in my country.

10. Firewatch (BONUS)

The last game on my list is an indie title that many people including myself, wants to check out right now. Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact release date as of yet, though it’s worth noting the developers are hoping to release it by this year. Which is why it made it to this list!

But seriously, recent indie games have become more and more impressive and Firewatch is definitely one of those highly anticipated ones. I’m totally in love with the art style of the game, its voice acting and the interesting mystery that seems to fuel its story. Definitely watching this one closely for any news.

So that concludes my list of Most Anticipated Video Games in Q4 2015. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it and I’ll see you in the next post! Thank you!