Why I Enjoyed: The Martian

Note: Don’t worry reader, this post is spoiler-free.

So it’s been a week since The Martian was released in theaters. And being one of the films in my Fall list, I got together with my best bunch of friends who were equally excited for it and watched the movie together with them on Monday! Let me just say that it did not disappoint. It was the science fiction film we’ve always imagined it to be and here’s why:

1. Space


Space, space and MORE space. If you’re like me and you just love the sight of stars in the distance, seeing Earth from outer space, and looking into the horizons of foreign planets, then you would already have 1 reason to love this film. I mean this film is just so visually stunning, it’s breathtaking (pun alert!).

2. Humor


If you know me, you would know that I fancy some laughter in life, and this automatically applies for the movies that I watch too. If you watched the trailer for The Martian, you would know that there are some humor in it. Well, I’m here to say that yup, the humor’s really good & well-placed. Matt Damon is just able to pull off those jokes really well.

3. Great Cast


And now that we’re on Matt Damon, how can we not talk about the great cast that this film possesses? Throughout the film, I just felt that every single actor & actress fits their role so well. The choice of casting Matt Damon as Mark Watney can be compared to casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. And with the likes of Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Sebastian Stan, Kate Mara and even Sean Bean, we have this diverse cast of people that just adds to the film in their individual ways.

4. Realism


Okay, I’m not a scientist or an astronaut, but I got Google. And here’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed this film so much – it’s as realistic as it can get. Of course, it’s not a 100% accurate or realistic in terms of science (or botany) or whatever, but it’s realistic enough to be believable. And that is one huge factor that I look for in films like this because it helps you to be immersed into the experience that the movie is bringing you through. For The Martian, this realism really made the film more exciting and intense at some points.

5. Themes


Last but not least, what’s a great movie without a great plot and theme? The Martian portrays the good in humanity and the determination that we can all have, be it to survive or to help others. And it’s just awesome to watch as the entire world (in the film of course) is just looking towards that ONE man’s return to Earth. Not to mention all the main characters doing all that they can to bring Mark Watney home. And of course, the entire film centers itself on Watney’s refusal to give up on himself.

So that’s why I enjoyed The Martian! With all of the above, you get a movie experience that is so out of this world, you Mars catch it! (PUN!!)

Image credits: http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/the-martian

The Movies of Fall/Holiday 2015

Just to Share: I know it’s already a little into Fall season right now in terms of movies, but better late than never right? Haha so without further ado, here are some movies I am personally looking forward to for the remainder of the year!

1. The Martian

Remember me saying previously that I have a thing or two for science-fiction? Yup, that was enough to get me interested in this movie. And of course, it looks really good with an interesting fresh plot. Based on the novel of the same name, we will be brought on a journey to Mars where an astronaut gets stranded on, finding means to survive while his crew mates on Earth struggle to return and rescue him. Seems like the kind of movie that would be engaging from start to finish.

2. Pan

Childhood fantasies will be relived this October when a new origin story is birthed forth on the big screen for Peter Pan. I mean seriously, the last time I watched a Peter Pan film, I was only 7 years-old! And like I said, I would always love a good movie about adventure. But that’s not the only thing that I’m looking forward to in the movie. I’m also looking forward to Hugh Jackman’s performance as Blackbeard, which so far, looks oddly interesting.

3. Goosebumps

Just as we were on the topic of fantasy, here comes another one in the genre, mixed with comedy and fun. Goosebumps totally reminds me of those Scooby-Doo movies that I used to enjoy as a kid! But honestly, I just want to see what this movie has to offer in terms of story too. Also, it’s been some time since I watched a film featuring monsters on the loose (not referring to those scary ones). So if it’s good, why not?

4. Spectre

Let’s change frequencies a little. 2015 has been a year of spy flicks, with the likes of Kingsman, Mission Impossible and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. But one of the most renowned agents, 007 is returning to bring a conclusion to spy films for the year. Well, at least from what I know, there aren’t anymore big ones coming out! And for the most of it, the James Bond films starring Daniel Craig have received great reviews so far, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. That is, after I’ve finished watching the previous installments first.

5. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Talking about movie franchises that I need to catch up on, it reminds me of The Hunger Games. But having watched none of its previous installments, I’m already hyped up for Mockingjay Part 2 by this trailer haha. Still, there’s no way I am stepping into the cinema without first finding time to watch the first 3 films! Being one of those movies that first kicked off the trend of films based on young adult novels, I’m confident this last installment in the series would give fans an epic conclusion that will not disappoint.

6. The Good Dinosaur

Pixar. The animation studio that has brought us Inside Out, my favorite film of the year so far, is going to bring us into a world where dinosaurs roam the Earth alongside Man. With Inside Out being such a great success both critically and commercially, it makes me both excited and worried for The Good Dinosaur. With 2 movies released in a year, and having the first one being so successful, people are going to have high hopes for the second one. So much so that it may not meet up to their expectations. But for me, I’m going to have faith in Pixar that they’ll deliver once again. Just look at how beautiful the film looks from the trailer!

7. Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie

Probably the last big animation film of the year (that I know of); Blue Sky Studios are bringing the art style of the Peanuts comic strip into the larger canvas of a feature film. I’m always up for a good animation film and so far, the look and the animations of this movie looks really interesting. You can tell it’s not just your usual 3D animations, but with a blend of “hand-drawn style” animations as well. I’m seeing it as the kind of movie I would watch with some of my younger cousins & some popcorn during the holidays. How about you?

8. In the Heart of the Sea

Not the most edifying movie to watch I must say, with the kind of “disaster at sea” that it portrays. But I have a feeling it will be a great movie still in terms of plot, acting and visual effects. I’m especially looking forward to Chris Hemsworth’s performance outside of his role as a superhero in The Avengers. And did you know that this movie is directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13, Rush)? There’s great potential in this movie turning out to be phenomenal.

9. The Revenant

Academy Award® winner Alejandro G. Iñárritu is back in the director’s seat after his 2014 film Birdman won the Oscar for Best Picture earlier this year. This time, it seems to be yet another Oscar-worthy film. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, The Revenant feels like a really intense and immersive film. According to reports, the making of the film had gone way over-budget and over-schedule because of certain ways the director wanted it to be shot. It seemed bad but I’m also looking forward to seeing the results of his decisions & everyone’s hard work on set. Who knows? Maybe DiCaprio can finally win an Oscar through this.

10. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

You’ve probably guessed this last movie that I’m most looking forward to right now, haven’t you? Hahaha everyone is looking forward to it! The Force is strong, but the hype for this is even stronger. I watched Star Wars as a kid, and I must say that when I watched the trailer above, just hearing the opening music alone brought chills to my spine. The rest of the trailer did what it set out to do – making us want to watch it again & again until the movie comes out. Oh, and it reminded me to go watch all Episodes 1-6 one more time. Soon I’ll be ready! Going to the cinemas this Christmas will feel magical.

Well, it always seems that my lists of “anticipated things” always ends up being a list of 10. But that wraps up all the movies that I’m really hoping to watch this Fall/Holiday. Hopefully I can suck out all the creative juices that they have to offer too. Haha, thanks for reading.